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Дайвинг в Украине

Diving in Ukraine is cold but varied. You can dive in crystal clear lakes full of underwater life or dive into the Black Sea to the wrecks and rocky shores. Most of the diving is in fresh water.

Lakes and pits of Ukraine are deep and dark, but at shallow depths are strewn with clean sand and freshwater life, visibility reaches 20-30 meters in good season.

In the Black Sea, sunk many ships and submarines of World War II, World War I and also in the Black Sea were trade routes from ancient times, and now you can find amphora fields and old wooden masts.
In addition, in the eastern part of Ukraine there are several submerged mines with large halls, where you can try your hand at cave diving.

Our dive center "Dive Point", is located in Kiev, so below will be a table of dive sites near Kiev.
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Дайвинг сайты рядом с Киевом